It is a big week in the Moss household!

Maddie is 12 weeks old and she will be celebrating by receiving her hearing aids on Friday. Girlfriend is going to rock her new “earrings” as Aaron so lovingly calls them.

Community has always been an aspect of my world that I hold near and dear to my heart. I learned the value of community very early on by witnessing my parents desire to surround my brother Aaron with a village. Followed by witnessing Aaron’s ability to truly connect with that village. And later on throughout my own journey, community was further instilled as an essential cornerstone of life.

When we are able to allow ourselves to be seen and heard, connecting to a community is inevitable.

Needless to say, I “should” not be surprised by the outpouring of love from the hearing loss community. However, I have been completely moved to my core by the hearing loss community. Within hours of learning Maddie’s diagnosis of Profound Sensorineural Bilateral Hearing Loss (a mouthful right?) my husband and I were connected with families, professionals, and individuals impacted by hearing loss.

While inevitably feeling fearful due to all of the unknowns that came along with a diagnosis of deafness, we were grounded by the calmness of the people we had the privilege of being connected to.

This sense of community so early into this venture has left us feeling connected, informed, and full of hope. In our hearts we know we are not alone, as much as our heads believed we were in the beginning.

There is a village of people who are a phone call or Zoom away. We are humbled and we are grateful… above all we are overjoyed that Maddie Jane will grow up surrounded by that warmth. A warmth that can be found within a community, without a single doubt she will rock the ability to form meaningful connection.

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Through connection we can overcome the label of disability and unleash our true abilities. 

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