“Normal is a Dryer Setting”

Hi!! My name is Andie!

I created this blog to share all of the beautiful lessons that I have learned from my brother Aaron’s extra chromosome. Because let me tell ya, that extra chromosome is jam packed with infinite wisdom. Aaron has Down Syndrome, simply put, he has an extra of chromosome 21. Some may view this as a disability but our family has seen nothing but infinite abilities packed into that chromosome.

This blog is something I have been sitting on, debating whether or not I have the ability to authentically spread such powerful messages. As Aaron would say, this feels like a “rhinoceros ” pressure. (AKA… HUGE!) However, it is a pressure I am so willing to take on because it would be selfish to keep these lessons to myself.

My hope is that the lessons and stories will bring a smile to your face and will light your heart on fire as they have mine. My greatest hope is that these lessons and stories will be shared to all that may benefit from a daily dose of authenticity.

It is my intention to share the light with you that he so graciously shares with me.

Seeing the similarities over the differences is the heart’s greatest ability.IMG_3792 2

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