It is a big week in the Moss household! Maddie is 12 weeks old and she will be celebrating by receiving her hearing aids on Friday. Girlfriend is going to rock her new “earrings” as Aaron so lovingly calls them. Community has always been an aspect of my world that I hold near and dear… Read More Community

Gift from God

So excited to share my Uncle Kent’s story – it is vulnerable, authentic, and full of love! From an Uncle’s perspective…… Aaron’s dad is my only sibling, and Aaron is the first-born child, grandchild and nephew on both sides of the family.  As you can appreciate, Aaron is the light, the love, the soul and the inspiration to everyone in our family. As the first… Read More Gift from God

Goodbyes Suck

“Goodbyes Suck” – Aaron Trofholz Aaron highly anticipates any time our family gets together and the holidays are no exception. He looks forward to these events with such passion. The monthly countdown quickly turns into weeks, days, and the final minutes until each family member pulls into the driveway. Then something happens, he realizes we… Read More Goodbyes Suck

Giving Thanks

This week’s story comes from Matt, Aaron’s first sibling. Thank you Matt for an inspiring story and sharing such a huge piece of Aaron’s life. Thanksgiving is a special time of year for all of us. Being thankful for things like family, friends, health, and companionship. Having way too much turkey and pumpkin pie. Trampling each… Read More Giving Thanks


Social media can be a powerful tool. Social media can serve as a platform to share your life with the hopes of inspiring others. I was able to connect with this week’s writer, Kayla, after being touched and inspired by her posts. I selected the genius “message” tab and asked Kayla if she’d be willing… Read More Smile